R&P Polyplastic enters the Austrian market

R&P Polyplastic enters the…

The company started deliveries of Armamid PA6 GF 30-1T to the Republic of Austria. This material has high values of mechanical properties and resistance to various aggressive media. The first lot of 20 tons was shipped in December 2021.

“Austria is a very attractive partner for us. Approaching its market proves the high quality of R&P Polyplastic compounds, which can compete with European materials”, notes Pavel Kruglov, General Director of Polyplastic Trading House.

First negotiations with ATC Plastics, official distributor of R&P Polyplastic in Austria, took place this spring. As a result, Armamid PA6 GF 30-1T and Armamid PA6-4T grades were sent for testing. These materials are in high demand not only in Russia but also on the European market. R&P Polyplastic has positive experience of supplying them to Germany, Baltic States and Poland.

Glass-reinforced grade Armamid PA6 GF 30-1T delivered to Austria finds its application mainly for production of industrial equipment parts and E&E components.
“We are looking forward to this cooperation with R&P Polyplastic and are already starting exciting projects with these materials”, says Johann Polczer, Managing Director of ATC Plastics.

As earlier reported, R&P Polyplastic is ready to increase the supplies of glass-reinforced compounds both to domestic market and for export. Warehouse stocks of raw materials and finished products are sufficient for such an upsurge.

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