Protective housing for extremely confined space

Protective housing for extremely…

Wittmann Battenfeld Germany has developed an extremely space-saving solution to accommodate automation equipment, especially pick and place. These “Easy Cell” housings are designed primarily for injection molding machines already installed very closely together, which customers wish to retrofit with automation equipment.

Where injection molding machines already installed in a production hall are to be upgraded with automation, the space between these machines is often very confined and thus insufficient for a fixed protective housing with access via a safety gate. The Easy Cells developed by Wittmann Battenfeld Germany in Nuremberg need no safety gate and thus take up only minimal space beside the injection molding machines. For example, the total width required to fit a 600 mm outlet conveyor is no more than 850 mm.

Easy Cells are mounted on castors and can be shifted as required, for instance to provide access to the non-operator side for a mold change. In spite of their compact design, they come with all necessary safety features according to CE standards.

The Easy Cells were specially developed for fitting out machines with Wittmann sprue pickers and robots from the PRIMUS series. They are available in a number of different versions, such as for robots in L configuration with parts depositing behind the clamping unit, and they can also be adapted to customers’ wishes.

Thanks to reduction to the most essential components, the costs for Easy Cells can be kept low. They come in six different versions as standard. Easy Cells can also be extended by optional extras such as grippers, a commissioning package or the complete CE installation.

Easy Cells can be demonstrated at the Wittmann Battenfeld facility in Nuremberg at any time either directly on site or via Wittmann Interactive.

Injection molding machine with Easy Cell
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