Prof. Igor Čatić: bans and orders

Prof. Igor Čatić: bans and orders
In 2011 Italy imposed ban on single-use PE bags. We publish an article written by Croatian scientist Igor Čatić. The author is a retired professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Zagreb. His article concerns polyethylene packagings and ban imposed by the Italian government.

Prof. Igor Čatić: - Why are only polymers or products made from natural sources banned and never metals? Why do journalists always repeat the once adopted incorrect information? Do you know that we in Zagreb have a dog who eats PE bottle caps?

The direct motive for the question why only polymers are banned and metals not, lies in the ban on plastic bags in Italy which entered into force on 1 January 2011. The above question could be put only as a result of the latest findings from the synthesiological research where the classical classification of materials into metals and non-metals has been abandoned.

There is a new classification introduced - into polymers and non-polymers. For this story it is important that organic polymers include: proteins, polysaccharides and nucleic acids, microorganisms, and macroorganisms, plants and animals, including humans, from dead plants and animals produced fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal). They are used to produce most part of plastics and the main component for rubber, natural rubber. For these materials, experts worldwide, including the author of these lines, have unjustifiably appropriated the name polymers.

Igor Catic

For these considerations it is of least importance that a radio and television rising star, Mislav Togonal in the News 3 of the Croatian Television, in his TV report about a truly negligible, and even environmental problem, made an absolutely unprofessional contribution. Nor can the article in Vjesnik, written by Anita Koncar, be fully accepted because she repeated incorrect stereotypes, although Vjesnik archive is full of more accurate data. As a consolation, you may find similar articles in the Serbian newspapers, especially Politika.

Not listed are the authors who were the only ones who wrote about the subject as described. In doing so they were not informed about one important detail. The Italian government has violated with this ban the European acquis communautaire, and for their decision there is no scientific evidence. Therefore, the Italian government was reported to the European Commission (Communication from the European Association of Plastics Processors, 6 January 2011).

There was a similar reaction on 11th January from the Association PlasticsEurope and they emphasize that when a similar action tried to be carried out in France, the arguments were too strong, so they gave it up. Particular attention is drawn to a statement from the official position: »Then the ADEME, the French agency for environment and atomic energy, conducted a study which showed that from the viewpoint of environmental protection the biodegradable bags do not have any advantage«. For the continuation of this text only one word is important – the ban.

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