Polyflow Named A Finalist for the NorTech Innovation Awards

Polyflow Named A Finalist for the NorTech Innovation Awards
Akron, Ohio / January 30, 2012 – Polyflow LLC, an Akron Ohio based advanced energy producer has been named a finalist by the regional economic development organization NorTech for a 2012 Innovation Award. The annual award recognizes Northeast Ohio’s most innovative organizations that demonstrate dramatic impact on a specific industry or market sector or have the clear potential to do so. Winners will be announced at the NorTech Innovation Awards dinner on Thursday March 22nd at LaCentre Banquet Center in
Westlake Oho.

Polyflow LLC Board Chairman Michael Dungan congratulates the Polyflow team on
earning this important recognition. “Finalists for the NorTech Innovation Awards are a special group of change-makers working on breakthrough technologies that will improve our region and potentially the world. This nomination reflects many years of diligent effort by the Polyflow group in commercializing a technology that addresses the need to repurpose polymer and rubber waste in an environmentally responsible and economically viable manner.”

NorTech President and CEO Rebecca O. Bagley commented, “The NorTech Innovation Awards showcase the most innovative technologies being developed and commercialized in Northeast Ohio. We believe these innovations will have a positive impact on the region’s economy through job creation, attraction of capital investment and overall business growth. NorTech congratulates Polyflow for being selected as a finalist in this year’s competition.”

Polyflow is currently implementing a full-scale processor in NE Ohio that is capable of converting large volumes of mixed and contaminated waste plastic and rubber into transportation fuel and chemical intermediates. Polyflow holds patents in the United States, Australia and Mexico with patents pending in a number of other countries.


converting the mixed plastic and rubber waste into transportation fuels and aromatics using a patented waste to energy production process.

United States of America



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