Polish plastics industry is growing steadily

Polish plastics industry is… During the conference "Opportunities for the Polish Plastics Industry", that took place on 22 May in Warsaw, Tadeusz Nowicki, president of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters, confirmed that the plastics production in Poland is growing steadily.

The experts from the Polish plastics industry as well as the foreign representatives from the sector were discussing and debating the pressing issues of the plastics industry in Poland and possibilities of its future development.

The conference was attended by more than 90 participants from the plastics industry including converters, machine producers, and recyclers not only from Poland but also from abroad. The representatives of the Polish Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Environment were also present.

It was confirmed that the there is a steady growth of plastics industry in Poland in 2013 in comparison to the previous year. The increase was observed in the higher number of employees, production volumes as well as number of investments in the sector.

However, the situation within the recycling sector in Poland is quite difficult. Antonino Furfari, Advocacy Manager of Plastics Recyclers Europe, emphasized that still as much as 62% of the plastics waste in Poland is landfilled. Plastics landfill in Poland contributes to the low resources efficiency with this kind of waste management and shall be banned. Additionally, more focus shall be put on the actual design of the plastics products in order to increase their recyclability. Whole the industry needs to work together in order to address this problem and to better manage our resources.

During the debate: Polish plastic industry: ways to growth the panelists agreed that several initiatives should be undertaken in order to improve the waste management in Poland in general. The most important challenges in case of plastics but not only will be the increase of environmental awareness, improvement of the collection system and introduction of higher fees for waste landfill as well as more restrictive certification for waste reception and recycling.

Alexandre Dangis, Managing Director of EuPC underlined as well the need and urgency for Polish plastics industry to further develop and make more research & investments in new technologies in order to be more innovative and to keep high standards and the quality of Polish plastics products.

Conference was organized By Polymer Comply Europe – a service provider for the plastics industry specialized in EU legislation.

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