Plexiglas molding compounds enable pioneering light design

Taillights with customizable light motif 

The rear of the ID. Roomzz also surprises with its innovative light design: The “ID. Honeycomb” shape, which represents sustainable mobility within the ID. family, extends across the entire width of the car like a signal-red LED strip and provides all lighting functions. “This full tail lighting, in which a single component combines both taillights, is a trend in the automotive industry,” says Djafarian. “It increases design freedom, as automobile manufacturers can use complex forms and additional materials here to create eye-catching effects.” 

The Volkswagen light designers used this possibility to come up with a real coup: For the first time, Volkswagen is presenting a concept car with a signature taillight that can be customized using a smartphone app. “The smaller, individually controllable ID. Honeycomb elements in the taillight can form three different signature lights,” explains light designer Ruhault. 

Plexiglas covers are ideal for such large, monolithic vehicle lighting components, as they are completely colorless in their initial form and can therefore take on every standardized signal color. Design and safety function go hand-in-hand with full tail lighting, as a strikingly large taillight makes light signals more easily visible for following traffic. Moreover, sensors for autonomous driving can be integrated into the component. 

Light for communication and a pleasant atmosphere in the interior 

As a medium for safety, information and a pleasant atmosphere, lighting also plays a key role in the interior of the ID. Roomzz. In the era of autonomous or partially autonomous driving, car interiors are being transformed into a kind of comfortable “automobile lounge.” Displays and ambient lighting are adapted to the driving mode and the requirement for information. As a result, there is increasing demand for multifunctional panels and displays that only become visible when required and appear to merge seamlessly with the car interior when switched off. This effect can be achieved with Plexiglas in neutral gray colors – in the ID. Roomzz concept car, for instance, it is used in the interactive light strips below the windshield and in the roof console, which provide intuitive information on the driving mode or notifications from the environment sensors. 


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