Partnership between Velox and IonPhasE

Partnership between Velox and IonPhasE
Velox to distribute a new generation of halogen free static control polymers for ESD protection, EX safety and dust prevention.

Innovative solution provider for dissipative polymers IonPhasE (Espoo, Finland) and Hamburg-based raw materials distribution specialist Velox have signed an agreement for the distribution of IonPhasE IPE static-dissipative polymers in UK, Poland, Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

IonPhasE IPE static-dissipative polymers are based on a patented technology, namely the combination of ionomer and polymer polyelectrolyte (IPE) that is able to conduct ions. Plastic products made from IonPhasE IPE have immediate static dissipative properties, which remain unchanged over time (permanent antistatic function) and have excellent functionality in low relative humidity.

Due to the non-migratory, polymeric network structure, this functionality is maintained after washing and wiping. IonPhasE IPE static-dissipative polymers are free of any halogens and RoHS approved. They are recyclable, reusable and environmentally friendly, and improve cost-efficiency in production.

IonPhasE IPE polymers can be converted with standard processing equipment and are available in granulates form as a master batch or ready-to-use compounds. The main application areas are in the Electronics, Chemical, Medical, Food and Automotive industry.

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