Pallmann: Production of flowable granules

Pallmann: Production of flowable…
Pallmann have developed and launched new technology: Plast-Agglomerator, type PFV.

Production of flowable granules with high bulk density from thermoplastic waste such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, polyester, PVC, ABS, XPS etc. as well as composite materials.

The granules are produced without hardly any thermal stress. Consistency of the feed material: Film, strapping, fibers, composite materials etc. The material must be size reduced to approximately 8-10 mm before it can be fed into the Plast-Agglomerator system.

Area of application of Plast-Agglomerator, type PFV are: packaging industry, film production, production of PET products, production of plastic fibers, thermoplastic foam production, thermoplastic insulating foam production, recycling industry, compounding industry.

Its decisive advantages are excellently flowable agglomerate with high bulk density, material-gentle agglomeration by means of frictional heat, continuous process, fully automatic start-up in cold condition, low space requirement due to compact design, fully automatic continuous operation.

The precut feed material, fed into the plast-agglomerator by means of a dosing screw is
agglomerated by means of frictional heat right below the melting point of the plastic material and is pressed through the special hole size of a die. The retention time in the agglomerating chamber is only a fraction if a second. The material coming out of the die is cut by rotating knives and is transported by means of cool air of fan into the hot melt granulator where it is cut to even sized granules.

The particle size is determined by the hole size of the screen installed in the hot melt granulator. The granules are then conveyed through a cascade sifter in order to separate fine particles. Depending on the customer’s requirement, the system can be supplied with different options such as automatic fill level indicator, granules cooler, pressure sensors, speed control, service platforms or a base frame with pre-installed cabling.