Packaging solutions for the automotive industry

 Packaging solutions for the automotive industry
High quality packaging plays a major role in the automotive industry, and so the focus of the latest Auto Motor Sport Auto Salon in Geneva was not just on new models of cars, but increasingly also on automotive accessories, an area that is clearly gaining in importance. Not only do the required parts need to undergo the best possible processing, but it is also vital that they should be efficiently packaged to allow trouble-free handling in inbound and outbound logistics.

Optimised processes for automotive components

Vehicle components have long been be produced outside the manufacturer's premises. Instead, international carmakers increasingly use third-party modules that require customised shipping and storage methods, for which the packaging industry provides suitable solutions. Thanks to special containers, it is possible to warrant secure transportation by ship and by rail, followed by economical storage on factory premises. Stackable trays are available so that each vehicle component is easy to handle, regardless of the product type. High-quality materials such as VCI film for corrosion protection and corrugated cardboard for greater stability ensure that each item can be packaged and secured to suit its specific requirements, whether such items are engines, bulbs, pumps, transmissions or various small parts.

Product protection and safety thanks to foamed plastic solutions

High-quality foamed plastic provides additional protection against heat impact and subzero temperatures. Whether it's body parts, aluminium cases, plastic boxes or tools, customised cutting and trimming of the relevant plastic foam inserts help to ensure full functionality of the packaged components even after a number of years. Another bonus point is that CFC-free foam has no environmental impact during the manufacturing process and allows recycling after use. Moreover, the use of wood, steel and metal makes it possible to produce custom-fit packaging systems for electronic accessories and on-board instruments while also preventing potential damage.