PET Engineering launches the asymmetric beer bottle

PET Engineering launches the asymmetric beer bottle
PET Engineering signs an exclusive beer bottle characterized by concave bottom and asymmetric shape.

The new beer pack - a registered model by PET Engineering - combines technical performance and design, bringing to fruition the experience built up by the Italian company with hundreds of projects in the beer sector, in collaboration with major international drink companies.

The bottle is characterised by an original design presenting a concave bottom and asymmetric shape, a highly evolved technical solution considering the technical requirements demanded by the type of product, first of all the internal pressure.

To solve the problem, PET Engineering, in collaboration with Husky Injection Molding Systems, developed a preform ad hoc capable to ensure excellent mechanical performance both from the bottom and the bottle as a whole.

Asymmetric beer bottle

Special attention was also devoted to the bottom`s shape, designed to deliver a stable container but also good resistance to the high internal pressure.

The asymmetric beer bottle took moreover into account the product special shelf-life requirements; the preform was designed to allow the use of most monolayer barrier materials.

Having perfected the preform, next came the container design, specifically characterized by the unique asymmetric shape, as the two mould cavities will not superimpose with respect to their mirror plane. Preform and container were then put through some in depth feasibility studies in the company plant to optimize the blowing process and ensure the possibility of easy industrialized production.

Together with the high technical performance, the container special feature is a novel design, combining the concave bottom already launched by PET Engineering in the Baltika3 project, with the ergonomic grip, a large label area, the possibility to personalize the bottle with a raised pattern and the exclusive asymmetric shape.

Here we have a large space devoted to the label but also the room left for brand or individual client personalized logos.

Thanks to an easy industrialized production, the bottle also grants itself to personalization according to individual clients requirements.