Octal recognized by OralB in India

Octal recognized by OralB…
Oman-based Octal, one of the world's largest PET producers and a global leader in the packaging industry, has received two Certificates of Appreciation for Quality Performance and Productivity Improvement from Rialto Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., the exclusive contract manufacturer of Oral-B manual tooth brushes in India. Based on Octal's expertise and recommendations on the thermoforming process and supply chain optimization, Rialto Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. upgraded all machines, tools and material handling equipment at all its vendor facilities, in India immediately increasing the overall efficiency. The productivity improvement on some of the production lines reached 50%. Additionally, Rialto Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. successfully reduced packaging waste by reducing changeover time and frequency, running with a stable process, and consistent feedstock quality which minimized the need for frequent quality checks.

William J. Barenberg Jr., Octal Chief Operating Officer, said, "Octal's commitment to innovation extends beyond our own operations as we work closely with clients to improve their process efficiency using Octal's unique to the world products. We continue to develop new ways to improve operations in line with the highest global standards. By transforming manufacturing methods we have, across multiple geographies, successfully reduced packaging waste and improved productivity for clients, making them more efficient, greener and more environmentally-friendly to showcase products at their best for a longer shelf life."

Octal's propriety technology produces PET sheet directly from PET resin melt, resulting in a final product with significantly enhanced optical and mechanical properties. With a direct-to-sheet PET product, Octal delivers the finest quality, efficient and most consistent PET sheet to enable thermoformers, brands and retail partners to realize unsurpassed reliability, consistently higher yield, and packages with an unbeatable clear finish that is resistant to cracking and is completely recyclable.

The company exports to more than 75 countries around the world and Octal products are used by some of the world's most popular brands, including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, P&G, and Unilever. Octal supplies 100% of packaging to Oral-B in Ireland, Vietnam and India, and will soon expand into China to become the preferred supplier of Oral-B dental hygiene product packaging worldwide. Octal's technical teams work with clients around the world to help select the ideal packaging solution for their specific needs and assist in tailoring their operations to maximize the advantages of using our patented DPET products, this service is supported by global technical support to produce after-sales assistance.