Nonverbal packaging

Leifheit gains an additional advantage from this pictogramme scheme. This was brought out in another step and will soon be implemented. Products will be marketed with a uniform packaging sheet with basic information. All additional information for users shall be added by way of stick-on pictogrammes.

Such modular design helps bring down cost and also underlines the success of this type of packaging design in bringing up all product advantages. After switching to this new type of packaging, sales of some products in the clothes dryer category rose by 20 per cent. There was an especially positive response from abroad. After newly positioning its "Tower" offer with its innovative packaging, international sales even rose by over a 100 per cent.

But let us move back to our starting point, packaging architecture. To establish a solid foundation, the entire product range shall have to be studied at first. As Mr. Bialas explains this may sometimes lead to an understanding that differs from that of the company they work for. It may even mean that the company in question modifies its range of production. On the one hand, there will be a greater focus on customers, on the other there will be product basics to be maintained during the creative process.

In this case this was the Leifheit brand, the solar arc and accompanying colours, representing the Leifheit profile. Networking with the item involved also plays a major part when working with the customer on the end-product. Mr. Bialas and his team see their role also as brand advisers, because "the brand is an imaginary value, bringing everything together" as the expert puts it.

This brand shall be supported by three pillars: a brand strategy, graphic communication and 3D structural design. For him, it would be an ideal situation to accompany a brand from the very beginning. - In such a case, we might bring to bear all our competencies right from the beginning of designing such a brand.

So far, the brand designers from Düsseldorf have not yet had such luck. But over and above the Leifheit company, groups and enterprises such as Dr. Oetker, Eismann, Müllermilch, Diakonie Düsseldorf or Butler`s have already come to appreciate this structured and efficient working style of Bialas Runge Kuschel.

But even for package designers, the old traders` adage has been found true again and again. As Bialas put it: - In the end, product quality and brand acceptance shall always be decisive for sustainability. Faulty descriptions will not make sense. You can`t deceive consumers.