New variants of ecovio from BASF

The second novelty in the ecovio product line, namely, the injection-molding grade ecovio IS1335, also offers good stiffness. It can be processed using single-cavity or multi-cavity molds that are equipped with or without hot runners. This material exhibits moderate flowing characteristics and is dimensionally stable under heat up to 55°C. This variant lends itself for thin-walled, complex and high-quality packaging, which should preferably be manufactured by injection molding and should be compostable. With an eye towards differentiating the product on the market, the product can also be decorated employing in-mold labeling.

In cooperation with independent institutes, BASF has conducted experiments on the compostability of injection-molded test specimens. Results show that, depending on the application, injection-molded products made of ecovio IS1335 having wall thicknesses of as much as 1.1 mm degrade in accordance with the EN 13432 standard for compostable packaging.

BASF has been offering ecovio, the completely compostable plastic according to DIN standard EN 13432 for biodegradable packaging, since 2006. For many years now, BASF has been working closely together with plastic processors, brand owners, supermarkets as well as environmental associations and numerous waste-disposal companies such as composting operations, in order to test and optimize the properties of ecovio. Thanks to the outcome of these joint endeavors and research work, BASF can now offer ecovio, a plastic that is not only completely compostable according to the applicable international standards, but that also has a high content of renewable raw materials and that nevertheless is sufficiently sturdy to allow the production of tear-resistant bags, mulch films, coated paper, trays and cups.


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