New plastics launched by Lanxess

Lanxess launched a high performance plastics as alternative to injection-mold metal and metal sheet.

The high charged polybutylene terephthalates of the Specialty chemicals group Lanxess, with their stiffness and persistence provide a cost efficient alternative for utilizations of injection-mold metal and metal sheet. They find growing use in many industries, for instance in several automotive parts.

The specialty chemicals company demonstrates its commitment to innovation to key consumer industries, and highlights the fact that Lanxess is an expert development partner across all markets worldwide. "Our themes and exhibits prove that, following our successful program of restructuring and consolidation, the increased investment in targeted research and development is already paying off," explains Michael Theobald, head of Lanxess`s Brand Communications department.

With its Durethan and Pocan brands, the Semi-Crystalline Products business unit is one of the five biggest global suppliers of polyamides and polybutylene terephthalates (PBT). One of the main themes of the business unit is injection-molded structural inserts made of Durethan BKV 35 H2.0 (a polyamide 6) for the new C4 Picasso from Citroën. These highly innovative inserts reinforce areas of the steel bodywork that are relevant in crash scenarios and ensure that the vehicle passes the Euro NCAP crash test with top marks. They also offer a weight saving of twelve kilograms.

Also featured are flame-retardant polyamides and polyesters, products currently proving highly successful for the business unit on the market. They contain flame-retardant packages largely free from chlorine and bromine, and meet the current international environmental and safety standards of the electrical engineering and electronics industry. As one of the mainstays of polyamide operations at Lanxess, hybrid technology (plastic/metal composite technology) is also a key focal point. The exhibits include a hybrid pedal block, new hybrid concepts with organometal for example, and hybrid connection as an alternative to spot welding.

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