New online service from KraussMaffei

New online service from KraussMaffei
The new APC (adaptive process control) machine function from KraussMaffei immediately compensates for fluctuations in the injection molding manufacturing process. The results are consistently high component quality and fewer rejects. Overall, substantial savings can be made in regard to time, costs and material. Higher recyclate proportions can also be processed. KraussMaffei is now offering interested customers the opportunity to calculate their personal financial APC advantage online by means of the new APC calculator.

The first step for the processor is to enter the parameters shot weight and cycle time. This produces the throughput rate. In the second step the price for new material is entered in euro/kg. The processor can now freely select the reduction in the reject proportion and the increase in the recyclate proportion. The APC calculator then automatically calculates the annual savings in euros. "Let's take a specific practical example, i.e. tube shoulders. With a throughput rate of 27 kg/h, a new material price of 1.10 euro/kg, a 1.5% reduction in the reject proportion and a 2% increase in the recyclate proportion, this produces annual savings of 4,207 euros," said Hans Malinowski, Product & Technology Manager at KraussMaffei. The savings are even more substantial with higher throughput rates. During the production of pallets (throughput rate 440 kg/h, new price 1.15 euro/kg), for example, annual savings of more than 205,000 euros are attained.

The APC calculator offers maximum flexibility when operated. All data can therefore easily be varied up and down at any time by moving the selection tool. The result is automatically adjusted. The new APC computer is available online in five languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.


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