New management at Engel Machinery India

New management at Engel Machinery…

1 July 2021 will see Engel complete the generation change in the management of its sales and service subsidiary in Mumbai. Frank Schuster, Regional President METAI, takes over the management of Engel Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. Stalinjose Selvanayagam is the new Sales Director. Jitendra Devlia, the previous managing director and sales manager, is retiring.

"The introduction of this management duo is our response to the significance of the growing Indian market. We are simplifying communication with headquarters for our customers in India, and this in turn will speed up project planning for customised system solutions," says Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the Engel Group. Frank Schuster will remain at the headquarters in Schwertberg, while Stalinjose Selvanayagam will move from Austria back to his home country for his new responsibilities. "We are pleased to have gained a highly experienced injection moulding expert for this strategically important position, in the form of Stalinjose Selvanayagam who is at home in both European and Indian culture."

Selvanayagam first studied electrical engineering in India and later global sales and marketing in Austria, before joining Engel Machinery India in 2005 as a service engineer. Most recently, he was a project manager in the Packaging business unit at Engel in Austria where he looked after key accounts.

Frank Schuster, Regional President METAI, is the new Managing Director of Engel Machinery India. Stalinjose Selvanayagam is moving from Engel's headquarters as Sales Director to Engel Machinery India.

Frank Schuster brings a total of 25 years of experience in the plastics industry to the table. He joined Engel in 2016 and was Vice President Packaging before being appointed Regional President of the METAI (Middle East, Turkey, Africa, India) region in spring 2020.

Jitendra Devlia took over as Managing Director of Engel's Indian subsidiary in 2009. He also previously lived in Europe for many years. "We are extremely grateful to Jitendra Devlia. He has managed Engel's business in India with great success and built up a tightly meshed service network. Engel India has activities in all industrial regions important to the plastics industry. Engel is one of the preferred suppliers to the Indian automotive industry."

In addition to automotive, the technical moulding and medical technology business lines in particular open up a huge amount of potential. "The demand for all-electric injection moulding machines from European development is on the increase," says Schuster. Beyond this, WINTEC brand t-win machines are increasingly in demand.

Engel has been engaged in India since 1998. The subsidiary has 21 employees today.

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