New low molecular weight styrene maleic anhydride co-polymers

New low molecular weight styrene maleic anhydride co-polymers
The two new grades, XIRAN SZ25010 and XIRAN SZ40005 each have a significantly lower molecular weight compared to existing XIRAN grades. New product XIRAN SZ25010 has a Mw of 10,000 and XIRAN SZ40005 has a Mw as low as 5,000. In addition, the former grade (XIRAN SZ25010) has a 25% maleic anhydride content and the latter (XIRAN SZ40005) has an even higher maleic anhydride content of 42% for added functionality.

This brings a number of key benefits for formulators, including easy processability of adhesives; faster and more stable processing of composites; better and more durable colours in coating and paints; and better printing properties in paper, with a higher quality end-result in the print.

XIRAN co-polymers with a low molecular weight are the products of choice in many applications where solutions with higher solids, lower viscosities, and excellent wetting and dispersion properties are required. Current and new applications which will benefit from these two new XIRAN grades include, amongst others, filler, tackifier and pigment dispersions, formaldehyde free binders, super-plasticizers for concrete, adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, and matting agents.

The two new low molecular weight grades are particularly suited for applications such as:
  • Adhesive labels: to improve resistance to iced water (water repellence) and removability in caustic water; adhesion booster and for improved temperature resistance of can sealants.
  • Composites: to improve cross linking, and as an alternative to formaldehyde cross linking systems, to improve adhesion among surfaces with different polarities; as wax emulsions to improve hydrophobicity of substrates.
  • Coatings and paints: as pigment and filler dispersant to improve water repellence, color strength, Temperature resistance, pigment wetting, viscosity stability; as binder or crosslink agent to increase adhesion, alter polarity or function as matting agent.
  • Paper: as sizing agent to improve water repellence, compatibility with additives, coefficient of friction, surface film and strength and dimensional stability, reduce linting and dusting in high ash papers.

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