New generation of die-cut lidding for dairy

New generation of die-cut…
The dedicated die-cut lidding Amcor Flexibles team has applied its know-how to create Amcor Impact - a brand new design experience guaranteed to stand-out from the crowd.

"Traditionally, die-cuts have needed to be embossed over the whole surface for customer manufacturing reasons" explained Philippe Scherrer, Marketing Director, Fresh, LED, Dairy & Capsules. "With Amcor Impact we have changed the rules and removed the embossing to bring new benefits. Impact's smooth and shiny surface is visually outstanding".

Amcor Impact does not only improve on-shelf stand out, it offers exactly the same excellent machinability as traditional die-cuts. "Trials conducted with some leading German customers showed them to be entirely satisfied functionally with Impact" said Markus Strobel, Die-Cut Product Development Engineer.

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