New family mold for car interiors from HRSflow

As an alternative to the full FLEXflow technology, operators can also utilize the new mold in combination with the cost-effective and easy-to-manage FLEXflow One product, in which a responsive driver module coupled to each individual nozzle controls the melt flow. The processor transmits the individual data on valve pin position, stroke and velocity to the respective module, which then automatically controls the valve pin motion. If required, this setup also performs well in a multi-stage arrangement.

Berz continued: "Our new family mold for vehicle interior parts is designed for an injection molding machine with a clamping force of 10,000 kN. In order to be able to gain information about the mold-filling process, we have placed two pressure sensors in each of the two larger cavities and one in the small one. In addition, six contact sensors provide information about the mold deflection during the injection phase. This configuration gives our customers the possibility to see for themselves and with their own material the quality and efficiency benefits that this system offers in production. If desired, HRSflow will then provide support with transferring the combination of family mold and FLEXflow technology to the respective customer-specific application."

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