New customer center in Illig starts operation

As an example for the efficiency of the RDM K thermoformers of the 3rd Generation the RDM 70K was shown among other machines at the Open House. This model is equipped with a forming area of 680 x 280 mm2 and has a closing force of 320 kN. With a 27-up tool drinking cups with a diameter of 75 mm were made out of RPET (PET material made of post consumer waste by recycling procedures and suitable for direct food contact) in 40 cycles/minute.

On account of the considerable increase in productivity compared with the former series, further developments especially as far as tool technologies are concerned, caused clear increase in product quality at the same time: high, even dimensions were maintained for all cups of a multi-cavity tool with very high definition of contours, uniform evenness of sealing rim, uniform distribution of wall thickness, high stability of cup (top load) and many more. All this is achieved by individual controlled forming air supply per cavity with up to 75 % saving of the forming air volume as required before, a new kind of downholder control as well as an optimized tool cooling. This even enables material saving by up to 10 % and that with maintaining exactly repeated specific quality criteria.

New customer center in Illig starts operation

The performance of the thermoformers RDK and RDKP of the current 3rd Generation showed in a very descriptive way the complete production line with the automatic pressure former RDK 90 in forming and punching operation. This model, which has been finished last, is the biggest version of the series of compressed air thermoformers with 900 mm workable material width and 700 mm material index length. On this machine trays were made at a size of 190 x 144 mmm2 out of 0.4 mm thick APET in 55 cycles per minute on a 16-up tool as will be used in millions for packages to sell or keep fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and many more.

The speed of up to 55 cycles per minute in production, which can be realized today with the automatic thermoformers, are an important feature of the automatic thermoformers RDK and RDKP of the 3rd Generation. A pre-condition for this are the servo drives, which are used for all movements. On one side they save energy, work rapidly and exactly. On the other side the high accuracy of positioning and repetition of these drives enable to realize maximal processing time which save overlapping of the sequences. The new control unit Illig ThermoLine Control increases the operational comfort by the central integration of all machine components in the production line. At the same time nonproductive times for a format or tool change are considerably reduced and can thus be used in a value added way.

- The great response to our event with many intensive expert discussions showed us that Illig is well prepared for the future in respect of technology and organization. All in all this is a good pre-condition to get over the current crisis and to continue growth - values Karl Schäuble effort and benefit of this event. For some months ILLIG again has noticed an increase in receiving orders mainly from non-European markets.

- We attribute this to a backlog in demand since scheduled investments by our customers were postponed for more than 12 months. If this trend continues, cannot yet be judged surely, but there is hope again - says Schäuble optimistically. He expects that there will be an increasing market for thermoforming and packaging machines worldwide also in future. To increase productivity and product quality and to reduce consumption of resources at the same time are the driving forces for investments in new, efficient technologies.