New concept for the clamping unit of the Eblow from Bekum

Hybrid drive combines dynamism and force
The hybrid drive for the closing system, which was developed together with Bosch-Rexroth, not only fulfils the dynamic requirements of the axis but also the need for fast, stroke-independent force generation when the mould closes as well as ensuring the energy consumption and noise emission levels expected of modern machines. The drive can retain forces for a long time and gently absorb fast force changes. The drive system works in an energy efficient manner and closes precisely, reducing noise emissions to 68 dB. The two development partners have broken new ground with this system, which does not require a classical hydraulic system with a tank and displacer.

Hybrid drive reduces load with high retention forces
A hydraulic transmission was placed between the electric drive and linear axis for the BEKUM closing system. This serves to convert the rotary motion into linear motion. This facilitates an intelligent switching between speed and power strokes. This significantly reduces the load on the drive side and the ball screw drive. A blocking function in the hydraulic transmission means that the clamping force can be retained without drive torque – just as with a conventional hydraulic machine.

Series design for hydraulic and electric blow moulding machines
The new clamping unit was developed as part of an overall solution for economical high-performance blow moulding machines. It is available for the EBLOW x07 D series of electric blow moulding machines and will shortly be available for the BM x07 D series of hydraulic blow moulding machines. This technology enables energy-efficient, quiet and smooth operation, resulting in less wear and tear for the blow mould machine and moulds, which in turn extends the life of the unit.

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