New concept for the clamping unit of the Eblow from Bekum

New concept for the clamping unit of the Eblow from Bekum
The global premiere of the EBLOW electric blow moulding machine at the K'07 sees BEKUM take a new technological path. The findings of several thousand operating hours in the development lab in Berlin and constructive advice from our customers were all used in the further development of the EBLOW x07 D series. The more powerful EBLOW x07 D now has mould plate widths of 350 mm to 700 mm and a clamping force of 80 to 240 kN as a single and dual-station unit. The core of the EBLOW x07 D is a precise and energy-efficient clamping unit that has been newly developed by the Berlin-based company and which is also available for hydraulic blow moulding machines.

The construction is based on highly-efficient electric drives at the main axis of the blow moulding machine. The electro-mechanical axis were designed and built to meet the special requirements of the respective functions.

New clamping unit with symmetric force distribution
In addition to this the very important function of the clamping unit of the EBLOW x07 D has been redeveloped. Optimised clamping force generation and distribution have perfected the squeezing of the parison waste portion. The heart of the new clamping unit is the C – base frame, which, like all main components, was subjected to FEM analysis. The design of the C – base frame, which utilises closing plates that move along precise, low-friction linear guides, enables completely symmetrical force distribution over the entire mould area while maintaining high parallelism of the closing plates.


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