New concept for the clamping unit of the Eblow from Bekum

New unit improves operational usage
The calibration point always stays in exactly the same position after closure of the mould – the mould parting line. The construction of the new system also allows optimal installation of bottom calibration station which raises production output. The system is downwardly compatible: besides the proven mould quick-change function, the mould attachment points have also been retained. Thus nearly all standard moulds of previous BEKUM series can be adapted.

Movement of the moulds in the new clamping unit
The mould closing motion utilises a patented and thus exclusive drive technology featuring a combination of a servo motor and hydrostatic transmission. This drive technology performs the “closing and opening movement on the mould carrier unit positioned on linear guides” cycle very quickly. The dead times of the overall process are considerably reduced by this. The consistently high and precise distribution of force during the squeezing process results in ideal formation of the article. The user can always make full use of the clamping force without adjustment and irrespective of the mould thickness. The clamping force and speed can be adjusted to meet the process requirements exactly.

Fast carriage movement in the new clamping unit
The carriage movement “transfer of the clamping unit from blower head position to calibration position” is performed using a simple, low-maintenance, robust crank drive. This enables positioning of the carriage precise to 0.01 mm without mechanical stop at an average speed of 680 mm/s, i.e. a 300 mm stroke requires just 0.44 seconds. According to BEKUM, the highly dynamic and precise electromechanical axis sets new standards in blow moulding machine technology.

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