New bottle style meets modern closure technology

New bottle style meets modern closure technology
Aqua Carpatica decides for Bericap’s SuperShorty 28 mm and 38 mm.

They catch the consumer’s eye with a transparent style with black letters: The
water bottles of Aqua Carpatica. On the Romanian market they appear since last summer with black caps – the Bericap’s DoubleSeal SuperShorty Eco
for 28 mm PCO 1810 neck and as well with a 38mm closure.

“The packaging, black closures 38 mm and the DoubleSeal SuperShort
Eco 28 mm caps are not common and unique in the mineral water business in
Romania”, reports Aqua Carpatica. “Bottles and closures go well due to new orders.”

In the Carpathian Mountains (in Vatra Dornei) and in the area of Transylvania
(Romania) the bottles get filled. When the bottler Aqua Carpatica was looking
for something different to the former 28 mm PCO 1810 neck design, he found it
in Bericap’s Supershorty Eco 28 mm for the PCO 1881 neck and in the 38
mm closure.

The 38mm closure range is used for Juices, Teas and Isotonics since more than a decade proofing excellent closing capabilities for sensitive products.

The Bericap DoubleSeal SuperShorty range is meanwhile introduced at
major CSD and water players in Europe, Asia and Americas. Depending on
technical or product requirements the customer can chose his variant out of various DoubleSeal SuperShorty types.

New bottle style meets modern closure technology