New age for Bericap long skirt closure

New age for Bericap long skirt closure
LSK EV 29/44 Galileo for syrups, sauces & dressings, premium edible oil in standard Verplast 29/21 glass and PET bottles Galileo is the registered name for a range of closures from Bericap that all use its patented technology for moulded hinge closures.

The proven Galilieo technology was the base for a new long skirt dispensing closure development, the LSK EV 29/44,fitting to a Verplast 29/21 neck finish.
This new design allows keeping the original and traditional look for products, dedicated to premium edible oil, vinegar and traditional syrups markets, but also allowing a modern communication to support e.g. syrups addressed tokids and young adults. Additionally, this closure can be printed on a large surface, allowing a nice way of communicating on shelves. Furthermore the closure offers an efficient tamper evidence performance with breaking bridges when the overcap is opened and a tear-off membrane below the overcap. Both assure the integrity of the product.

Overall, this new range of closures offers the various benefits:
- for the Brand Owners: attractiveness of new design and functionality of the hinge, presenting new opportunities in the market,
- for the Bottlers: the new product is performing well on same equipment than current long skirt version (eventually just chucks to change),
- for final Consumers: thanks to the Galileo hinge, the closure is easy to open and to reclose (especially for kids and senior populations).


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