New PET bottle from P.E.T. Engineering

New PET bottle from P.E.T. Engineering
Ferrarelle SpA, Italian mineral water bottling company, owner of the Ferrarelle, Vitasnella, Boario, Santagata and Natia brands launched Fonte Essenziale in March, a mineral water of thermal origin with beneficial effects on the hepatobiliary and intestinal systems, the most important of the waters administered at the Terme di Boario for hydropinic treatments. The problems and ailments related to liver and intestine are in fact widespread and particularly felt in Italy and, to help solve these difficulties, the company wanted to offer a remedy innovative in its simplicity: a natural mineral water with strong functional properties, recognized by the Ministry of Health with two special decrees.

With a super premium positioning, Fonte Essenziale aims to be a natural mineral water particularly suitable to clean the liver, stimulate bowel motility and thus facilitate proper evacuation. Fonte Essenziale is a true innovation in the world of Italian mineral waters as a water intended for a selective individual consumption, and not to the whole family, and a product with a proper "dosage". In order to feel its beneficial effects it is in fact recommended two glasses, of 400 ml, to be taken every day in the morning, preferably at room temperature and before breakfast.

Such a distinctive market position needed a packaging able to express the core values of the new product, that is to say, the individual consumption at home and the specific functions for the liver and intestine, and at the same time, communicate the fact of belonging to the category of mineral waters as well as the absolute purity and naturalness of the product.

The choice was for the 1 liter PET bottle usually tied to the on-the-go consumption, so that 6 pack bottles may allow an individual treatment of 15 days, period in which you experience the effects on the liver and intestines intaking the recommended quantity of water, according to studies and research done. That is why the designers of began designing the packaging from the analysis of the context of use, the kitchen, and from the glass, which becomes both the tool for drinking and a measurement unit for the proper dosage, as reported on the label.

The designers were inspired by the simple geometry of tableware glasses coming to a essential and clean shaped packaging, with no decorations, but at the same time elegant and delicate. The use of a transparent preform, thicker than the rest of the 1 liter PET bottles on the market, has allowed to obtain a full gloss and a transparency similar to those of glass, the material used for premium bottles of the sector, offering also a consistency to the touch that enhances the distinctiveness of the new Fonte Essenziale.

The purity of the material, its flat base, the thin label attached to the lower part of the bottle, enhanced by the creative look&feel of the brand developed by Life Comunicazione strongly express the values and the preciousness of this water of a unique positioning.

P.E.T. Engineering