New Nylon 6/12 compounds provide practical alternative to Nylon 12

New Nylon 6/12 compounds provide…
Chemlon 800 series compounds exhibit comparable chemical resistance and shorter molding cycles, with only slightly greater moisture gain.

Amidst current automotive industry concerns about nylon 12 supplies, two new injection molding compounds based on nylon 6 /12 provide comparable performance in the fuel-line components that comprise the major application for nylon 12, it was announced today by the Nylon Division of Teknor Apex Company.

New Chemlon 813 CI and 830 GHI fiber-reinforced compounds based on nylon 6 /12 polymer provide the excellent chemical resistance and low moisture absorption required in fuel line components, according to Jeff Schmidt, automotive market manager. He noted that the compounds are already in commercial use for one such application.

The 13% loading of carbon fiber in the Chemlon 813 CI product provides antistatic conductivity often called for in fuel line components. Chemlon 830 GHI compound has a 30% loading of glass fiber for enhanced strength and rigidity in applications such as connectors.

While some nylon polymers present problems in holding to desired part dimensions because of high levels of moisture pickup, the new nylon 6 / 12 compounds gain only slightly more moisture than nylon 12, according to Schmidt. “Finished part dimensions are acceptable in existing tooling used for nylon 12,” he said, “with little to no modification needed. At the same time, Chemlon 800 Series materials process in shorter cycles and at higher melt temperatures than nylon 12.”

The chemical resistance exhibited by Chemlon 800 Series compounds is very high, Schmidt noted. “Extensive testing has shown the compound to be well suited for fuel handling uses.”

Automotive has long been the largest market for Chemlon nylon 6, 6 / 6, 6 / 10, and 6 / 12 compounds. “For manufacturers seeking alternatives to nylon 12, Teknor Apex provides extensive automotive industry experience, expertise in custom compounding, and strong engineering support,” said Schmidt. “With nylon operations in the USA, the UK, and Singapore, we have sufficient compounding capacity to meet new demand for nylon 6 /12.”

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