New Alveobloc of Sekisui Alveo

New Alveobloc of Sekisui Alveo
Sekisui Alveo, manufacturer of polyolefin foams, presents its new Alveobloc product line at the exhibition FachPack 2009 in Nuremberg. The block made from laminated roll-foam features a uniform, closed cell structure which effectively cushions impact or external pressure.

Alveobloc is therefore the ideal transport protection material for sensitive and fragile high-grade goods. The foam is suitable for all processing procedures such as milling, punching or water jet cutting, thus allowing great freedom in individual design. The double-sided usable foam skin with a smooth surface is inured to scratches and soiling. It can be used as a design element. Büttikofer, a FoamPartner Group company, already uses Alveobloc for case inserts. Bottom line: Alveobloc has all the properties required of an effective transport packaging material and offers precisely the appearance and haptic qualities that our customers expect.

Alveobloc is made from physically cross-linked polyolefin foam Alveolen. Sekisui Alveo laminates this odourless roll-foam with hot air up to a thickness of 120 millimetres. Each layer features a uniform closed cell structure - with evenly distributed density.

These properties result in homogeneous compression hardness that optimally cushions impact or external pressure. In addition, Alveobloc is free of cavities or other inclusions that can occur in the production of conventional block foam. The closed cell structure also has a positive effect on the water absorption rate which is less than one percent. This makes Alveobloc particularly suitable for water jet cutting – components do not need to undergo an intricate drying process.

The double-sided usable foam skin and the fact that Alveobloc comes with angular trimmed edges provide further-processing companies with additional advantages. Herbert Abele, Managing Director of Büttikofer, places particular emphasis on the time saving that already begins with delivery: Since the foam is supplied neatly stacked on pallets, the time required to unload a truck delivery is reduced to a minimum.

Furthermore, workers do not need to remove the skin as is the case with foam-moulded block foam materials and cut the foam to size to obtain even surfaces and exact 90 degree angles. The relatively resistant surfaces that can be simply wiped clean also simplify further processing. “We save a great deal of time, giving us an important competitive advantage in the fast-paced project business. In addition our customers can now also choose between a smooth surface and a cut cell structure as a design feature – explains Herbert Abele. Oliver Bürklin, Market Manager at Sekisui Alveo Agm. - With Alveobloc we supply our customers with material that is easy to handle while at the same time offering all the important properties and processing features required to produce a precisely-tailored packaging solution.