Netstal at the Plast 2015

Netstal at the Plast 2015
Netstal will present the production of insulin pen piston guides during the Plast 2015 in Milan (May 05 - 09, 2015, Hall 24, Stand B62). The parts are manufactured on an Elion 1750-510 with a fast cycle time of approx. 8.5 seconds. The Swiss machine supplier will also present a production system for the manufacture of a polystyrene cup with a cycle time of approx. 2 seconds.

An investment that pays for itself

In the past, Netstal machines were often viewed as an unaffordable dream in Italy. We have now changed this image. "Today, we give the customer a precise breakdown of the reasons for investing in Netstal machines: throughput, costs and both process constancy and security. This allows us to get the message across convincingly", says Andrea Bottelli, head of KraussMaffei Group Italia s.r.l. But the old adage that 'buying Netstal means buying an idea' still applies. That these two aspects go hand in hand is aptly demonstrated by the example of a fashion article manufacturer. For a long time this manufacturer had injection molded his parts in a cycle time of 50 seconds and with considerable quality problems, such as scratches or streaks on the surface. Working in close cooperation with a plastics producer who supplied the material, Netstal came up with a solution that halved the cycle time to 25 seconds and practically eliminated the quality problems. Word like that gets around.

Maximum precision for medical applications

At the Plast 2015, Netstal will demonstrate its high expertise within the industry of medical technology through the production of insulin pen piston guides on an Elion 1750-510. The polyoxymethylene (POM) parts are manufactured on a 16 cavity mold from Kebo (CH) in a cycle time of approx. 8.5 seconds, which is very fast for this application. The extremely complex processes of the mold and core traction movements during mold removal require a very flexible and above all freely configurable control. The aXos control supports the process very efficiently in this case. Furthermore, the thermal and geometric properties of the molded part are very complex, so for example, the very small core diameters must be cooled skilfully in order for the process time to be as short as possible. The requirements placed on manufacturers of medical technology in terms of cleanliness, precision, short cycle times and low material costs are very high. "The all-electric Elion is ideal for use in clean rooms. It guarantees the high-precision manufacture of sterile parts in a very clean environment while achieving very short cycle times in compliance with all applicable legal regulations. The customer benefits from excellent mechanical engineering and a highly cost-effective solution thanks to our system and application expertise," explained Dr. Patrick Blessing, Head of Business Unit Med.


High-speed production of a thin-wall cup

Netstal will also demonstrate the manufacture of a 13 gram polystyrene cup on an Elion 1200-530 with a 2 cavity mold. The cycle time of this application is extremely fast, approx. 2.3 seconds. The partner for the mold is the French firm SN Caulonques. The process is automated using a handling device supplied by the Italian company Campetella. For material preparation and cooling, components from the Italian company Moretto are being used.




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