Moretto’s revolution in the control of the drying process

Moretto’s revolution in the… In order to mould technical polymers that meet high quality standards, the removal of moisture from the polymer without modifying its chemical physical characteristics is essential.

The intrinsic humidity values of the polymer differ depending on the materials, the temperature of the materials themselves and other environmental factors.

Before starting a drying process is therefore necessary to perform a correct measurement of the granule moisture level.

Moretto, always looking for automated systems designed to achieve excellent processes and tailored to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated demand, goes over the simple initial measurement of the polymer moisture and introduces “MOISTURE METER MANAGER”, a revolutionary system able to automatically control the level of humidity during the entire drying process.

Presented in preview at Fakuma 2017 (and available on the market in 2018), Moisture Meter Manager is able to handle the drying process by creating a fully automatic loop allowing incredible energy efficiency and guaranteeing the production certification.

Moisture Meter Manager

The exclusive Power-Peak technology assures an accurate residual moisture control of the plastic granule. The system verifies that the treatment has been performed according to the pre-established limits.

Moisture Meter Manager is equipped with an automatic setting function thus not requiring additional off-line calibration. Human intervention is no longer necessary as the system is fully automatic.

Moisture Meter Manager scans the material and measures the in-line and real-time moisture level every two seconds, providing granule quality reports with frequencies that can be set according to specific requirements. Moisture Meter Manager allows to certify the production piece per piece or with regular step every 10 - 30 minutes or hours as needed.

Thanks to the dual control (at the hopper inlet and outlet), Moisture Meter Manager automatically corrects the drying parameters, this is a fundamental activity to achieve the required results.

Moisture Meter Manager is adaptable to various applications.

The adaptability of this system is fully embodied to Moretto’s 4.0 Project of Smart Factory.

Moisture Meter Manager is MOWIS ready. Mowis is Moretto’s supervising system. With Moisture Meter Manager…the future is already here!

The challenge goes on….

Moisture Meter

Source: Moretto

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