Milliken showcases Ultra Clear PP thermoforming solutions

Milliken showcases Ultra Clear PP thermoforming solutions
Milliken will reveal the secret to high-performance, attention-grabbing thermoformed packaging that is both resource- and cost-efficient, with a showcase of Ultra Clear PP-based commercial applications at its IPACK-IMA booth G01/Hall 14.

Ultra Clear PP clarified with Milliken's Millad NX 8000 series sets a new clarity standard for PP that is comparable to glass-clear materials. Addressing the trend for efficiency and consumer appeal, Ultra Clear PP is at the forefront of delivering exceptional aesthetics and lowest weight potential for thermoforming and sheet packaging, alongside further sustainability-related benefits.

Millad NX 8000 gives PP a clarity boost that overcomes the traditional undesirable milky appearance of PP in thermoforming, thereby creating highly-attractive transparency similar to PET for sheet and thermoformed applications such as meat trays, clamshell containers and lids. Ultra Clear PP also offers important performance benefits such as mono-material packaging, easy seal, chemical resistance, impact resistance and heat resistance. The material's excellent heat resistance further extends application opportunities by enabling microwaveability and hot fill capability.

Proven statistics support Ultra Clear PP's productivity improvements, energy savings, low carbon footprint and cost-efficiency compared to alternative plastics. For example, at-booth samples will demonstrate its ability to offer a 17.8% weight saving compared to PET based food trays, with possibilities to produce 70 trays from 1 kg of PP compared with 57 trays from 1 kg of PET.

"Ultra Clear PP based food trays can be recycled, unlike multi-material or multi-layered PET trays which are normally not recycled and therefore end-up in landfills or incinerators. Mono-material PP trays are easy to recycle and the recycled PP is suitable for use in further applications such as automotive, furniture, containers and appliances," comments Sami T.K. Palanisami, Milliken’s Marketing & Sales Manager Plastic Additives.

At IPACK-IMA 2015 Milliken will also turn its attention to the achievement of UV protection.

For polyolefins, Milliken offers ClearTint CUV, a transparent UV absorber specifically designed for use in PP, HDPE and LLDPE. This additive can be used to inhibit UV light transmission in injection molding, thermoforming and blow molding.

For PET packaging, ClearShield Colorless UV Absorbers create a new UV protection performance standard for PET that extends the shelf life of packaged materials and protects brand image for food, beverages and consumer products. Approved for food contact applications by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), ClearShield also overcomes the deficiencies of traditional technologies, including unwanted color, migration, bloom and plate-out.


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