Milacron completes successful showing at Chinaplas 2017

On display at Chinaplas 2017:

FERROMATIK 160 Injection Molding Machine
Milacron’s Ferromatik machines are designed to meet the needs and demands of the packaging industry with fast cycle times and high injection speeds. Ferromatik Series machines are available in nine sizes: from 120 to 650 metric tons of clamping force and are pre-configured for easy multi-component, mono-sandwich, cube, and co-injection capability. Customers can also choose from electric, hydraulic, and hybrid drive options to meet their energy and performance requirements.

Cell Specifics: Ferromatik 160, Mold-Masters TempMaster controller, in-mold labeling of a disposable cup, 4 cavity, 3.6 second cycle time.

MAGNA TOGGLE (MTs) 150-630 Injection Molding Machine
The Magna Toggle Servo is a high-value injection molding machine combining the advantages of precision and accurate toggle mechanism with advanced user controls. The servo design increases energy efficiency while providing outstanding repeatability, accuracy and precision. The reliable toggle mechanism is optimized for fast cycling and reduced platen deflection and the Magna T is able to accommodate large and heavy molds. This platform is an extremely versatile series that offers high reliability, making it an outstanding addition to any fleet. The Magna Toggle product range is from 55 to 550 metric tons.

Cell Specifics: Magna Toggle Servo 150, gas assisted molding of a clothes hanger, 4 cavity, 35 second cycle time.

ELEKTRON EVO 275 Injection Molding Machine
The Elektron Evo is a product of Milacron’s years of innovation in all-electric injection molding technology. The Elektron uses the advanced Mosaic control system as the Ferromatik series. Designed for a full range of applications and in a wide variety of sizes from 30 to 650 metric tons, it offers customers outstanding value. The Elektron Evo uses 60 per cent less energy and 90 percent less water than hydraulic injection molding machines, reducing operating costs substantially. Setting the standard for movement repeatability, Elektron Evo’s stroke precision of servo-driven axis is significantly greater than top hydraulic systems, making it one of the best injection molding machines for the reliable production of high-precision parts. Elektron Evo is the perfect machine for customers molding sophisticated technical parts in the Automotive, Electronics and Packaging industries.

Cell Specifics: Elektron Evo 275, Mold-Masters TempMaster controller, thinwall molding of a disposable food container, 1 cavity, 7 second cycle time.