Metallic IML making strong headway

Metallic IML making strong headway
Metallic IML labels are produced by applying a layer of aluminium foil to the desired base foil. One can obviously keep the natural colour of this metallised foil (silver) or print other extra colours on this layer.
One of the advantages of Metallic IML is that the metallic look obtained exceeds far and away the look of “standard” metallic inks.
Metallic IML is particularly successful in the paint, cosmetic, exclusive food and storage box market segments. The transition from metal packaging to plastic packaging with metallic IML has also proved to be a cost-efficient solution on the market.
Various brand owners appreciate the extra branding and diversification opportunities. Blini and Jotun testify to the success of Metallic IML.

Blini Tarama (Food industry)
Blini Tarama chose Metallic IML because they were bringing a high quality product on the market that differed somewhat from their standard product range.
Metallic IML is the ultimate solution to bring diversification to the shelves in the shops. Ms. Ballu (marketing, Blini) said: “We are convinced that Metallic IML has increased the attraction of this product. We are also planning to launch other Blini product lines with Metallic IML in the future.”

Jotun paint

Jotun (Paint industry)
Jotun Paints has already successfully completed the change from metal paint containers to IML plastic packaging with a metallic look.
Claus Fevang Vidum (Category Manager, Jotun) explained enthusiastically: “We have always had a metallic look thanks to our metal packaging. The impact of this is not to be underestimated. Indeed, when paint is packaged in metal containers, the product is always perceived as a ‘high quality paint’. It was important to keep this metallic look with the switch to plastic paint tins. The Verstraete Metallic IML labels made this possible! Now we have lighter packaging that is ‘greener’ as far as transport is concerned and easier to carry for the consumer.” Jotun is now researching which other product lines can be switched to Metallic IML.



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