Medical packaging concepts to be a highlight of FachPack 2018

Medical packaging concepts… Packaging solutions provider Multivac will be presenting a new packaging concept for medical and pharmaceutical products at this year’s FachPack.

The company will present a range of packaging solutions at the exhibition when it runs later this year from 25 - 27 September 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The first of Multivac’s showings is Snapsil, a packaging concept ideally suited for syringes, tablets, plasters, injectors and catheters due to its opening aid. Snapsil’s "snap-opening" function enables packs to be used more easily, even by elderly or disabled persons. The product has been designed as a quick and simple solution that lets packs be opened and closed in an easy and controlled way.

Multivac will also be presenting an automated packaging line for packing sterile medical products. The line features a number of technologies designed for a high level of configuration and flexibility. At FachPack, the line will be equipped with an automatic infeed system for loading pre-filled glass or plastic syringes. The system inspects the products before inserting them securely into the pack cavities.

The company will also be showing off its C 300 TC chamber machine which enables sterile medical products to be packed securely in film pouches. Packs can also be produced either as vacuum packs or with modified atmosphere and reduced residual oxygen content.

Lastly, Multivac will be demonstrating a series of labellers designed for automatically sealing folding products closed. The company’s L 352 model will be presented at FachPack with a label dispenser, which enables the package inserts to be sealed closed with either a label on the back of the package insert, or alternatively with a label on the front edge of the product and a further label on the rear facing edge.

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