MAUSER shows how sustainability in industrial packaging gets real

Strong Partnerships
Sustainability improvements can only be realized in cooperation. MAUSER actively seeks partnerships with a number of suppliers and customers to design optimized materials, to set up recollection systems and to improve options for reuse. In 2010, key achievements were made in close cooperation with raw material suppliers on new HDPE materials to be used with tight head and open head plastics drums. These materials deliver improved melt flow and performance characteristics to produce highest quality drums with higher light weight potential.

MAUSER itself – Sustainability Internally
MAUSER also initiated many projects within the company in order to work more sustainably. MAUSER has extended the ISO 14001 certification to all its production locations worldwide, works on a broad set of key performance indicators for improved sustainability management, and started carbon management with the calculation of the first carbon footprint for 2009 and 2010.

„Today, sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial competitive factors and they are becoming more and more important for customers,“ says Dr. Clemens Willée, CEO of MAUSER Group. “Our unique business model enables us to manage the entire packaging lifecycle in a sustainable way and comprises the complete supply chain. In this way, customers are able to combine business success with ecology through advanced packaging solutions.”

ECO-CYCLE – the Meaning of the Five Pillars
Renew: MAUSER is a frontrunner in investigating in materials for the future. The company is focusing on using renewable feedstock, new materials and new packaging concepts for a lower overall environmental impact. At interpack, MAUSER will show exemplary samples of industrial packaging made from bioplastics as well as new drum concepts for improved reusability.

Reduce: Reducing the amount of raw material use, weight of products, energy consumption and environmental impact without compromising the overall packaging’s quality level is of significant importance for MAUSER. Fit-for-purpose MAUSER SM IBC and 8.0 kg L-Ring Drum PLUS made from lately co-developed new HDPE grade demonstrate MAUSER’s ambition to strive for more light-weight packaging.

Recollect: MAUSER offers its customers a worldwide recollection service – including products from other manufacturers. This service is based on MAUSER’s “buy-and-build” strategy and its presence around the globe with own plants. By increasing the return rate of industrial packaging and usable components, MAUSER is able to decrease the volume of raw materials. With its 2011 interpack presence, MAUSER demonstrates how manufacturing and reconditioning go hand in hand and in close cooperation with its customers. MAUSER and National Container Group experts will be present to share best practice examples on large industry return programs as well as to outline the new “Total Recollect” strategy.

Reuse: MAUSER provides new packaging, remanufactures, reconditions, and launders. Thanks to reused solutions, customers can act in a sustainable and ecological way. At interpack, MAUSER will show high quality reconditioned composite IBC and steel drum underlining the company’s strategy to combine new and reconditioned packaging in a unique and reliable service concept.

Recycle: The pillar “Recycle” closes the circle, while giving materials new life. MAUSER and its subsidiary NCG are actively exploring the use of recycled materials. Moreover, the use of Post Consumer Resin (PCR) in newly manufactured plastics packaging reduces the environmental impact. MAUSER’s interpack presence will include various products made from recycled plastics – from injection moulded accessories like composite IBC pallets, 120 L open top drum made from 100 percent recycled plastics as well as new 220 L multilayer tight head drum with encapsuled layers made with recycled plastics content.