MAUSER shows how sustainability in industrial packaging gets real

MAUSER shows how sustainability…
MAUSER shows how sustainability in industrial packaging gets real
At interpack 2011, MAUSER Group, highlights the latest developments of its Sustainability Program.

At booth A40/B39 in hall 10, visitors can make themselves familiar with the company’s ECO-CYCLE concept and find out more about how they can combine ecology and economy through advanced packaging solutions. In this context, the company presents its latest Sustainability Report that summarizes MAUSER’s approach and achievements with regard to sustainability.

At this year’s interpack, MAUSER’s trade-fair appearance is completely characterized by its comprehensive sustainable ECO-CYCLE approach, based on the five pillars “Renew”, “Reduce”, “Recollect”, “Reuse”, and “Recycle”. Innovative light-weight plastic packaging, new materials and more sustainable packaging concepts are only some of the highlights which MAUSER showcases during the fair. The advanced packaging solutions and the ECO-CYCLE approach are part of the comprehensive Sustainability Program which MAUSER initiated in 2009. The program is focusing on sustainability as well as environmental, economic, and social responsibility throughout the company.

New Sustainability Report Available
As a globally acting company in the industrial packaging industry, MAUSER believes that it has a special responsibility to society, the environment, and its customers. This ambition is reflected in the company’s slogan “We protect your business and our planet” that is also MAUSER’s motto of this year’s interpack participation. During the past year, MAUSER took further significant steps in order to embark on the company’s strategy – both internally and externally. At interpack, MAUSER will present its second annual Sustainability Report. By publishing a Sustainability Report on the company’s achievements until now, MAUSER makes its objectives and the benefits for its customers more transparent and underlines the company’s commitment to sustainability. These include:

Expansion in Recollection
MAUSER offers its customers a full-service package for collecting all types of packaging (including packages of other manufacturers) and optimally using materials. Being a sole producer of industrial packaging until 2004, MAUSER meanwhile is operating a worldwide network of reconditioning plants under the responsibility of National Container Group (NCG). A key development in 2010 was the expansion of the company’s reconditioning services in steel drums by the acquisition of three new sites in the USA. Today, MAUSER is present with 25 reconditioning sites of which three were added in 2011. This demonstrates MAUSER’s ambition and growth in this field.

Designed for Reuse – Saving Resources
In 2010, almost two million plastic drums and IBCs were reconditioned and brought back into the market, thus saving tons of new materials. Packaging solutions that are not fit for use anymore are used as regrind materials in new drums or accessories whenever possible. MAUSER is actively searching for recycled materials and focusing on optimal designs for reuse. MAUSER’s Life Cycle Analyses show that the carbon footprint of reconditioned packaging products is less than half of the footprint of new packaging. Recently, MAUSER developed a calculator, enabling the company to calculate rough Life Cycle Impact, including carbon footprints, for a broad range of specific products.

Less is More: Light-Weight Solutions
Last year, the product portfolio was scrutinized to select options for weight reduction. MAUSER realized a number of new designs, saving up to ten percent of weight. Together with its customers, MAUSER discusses the functionality of products on a regular basis in order to design fit-for-purpose and avoid overdesigning.