Link-Tech's new PolyBrass ball valve uses

Link-Tech's new PolyBrass ball valve uses
Link-Tech Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China, a component manufacturer for plumbing and heating systems, has developed the industry’s first modular ball valve which features several thermoplastic components including the ball, the ball valve housing, and several connector components.

The new PolyBrass ball valve incorporates thermoplastic parts made of Acudel modified polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resin from Solvay Specialty Polymers USA, LLC, for prolonged resistance to hot chlorinated water and tight tolerance molding.

Link-Tech is targeting the PolyBrass ball valve for the U.S. market where new legislation to be enacted in 2014 will require lead-free systems for potable water and heating applications for residential and commercial use.

“We needed a partner with a raw material which offered proven long-term exposure and resistance to hot chlorinated water and long-term durability, coupled with a history on the market,” said Larry Zhang, General Manager for Link-Tech.

Link-Tech's new PolyBrass ball valve uses

Modular construction enables the PolyBrass ball valve to be versatile, permitting use with a range of fittings including threaded screw fittings, push fittings, and crimp fittings. All three parts are injection molded including the ball, which serves as a flow control device. Acudel modified PPSU allows tight tolerance molding of the ball – previously made of metal - thus eliminating machining and post-treatment operations. All three parts are manually assembled. The ball valve assembly comes in four sizes: ¼-in, ⅜-in, ½-in, and ¾-in.

Acudel modified PPSU is part of Solvay’s family of polysulfone polymers, which have been used successfully in plumbing applications for over 20 years. It provides resistance to prolonged exposure to hot chlorinated water, performs well in varied water quality environments, and avoids any de-zincification problems. The material also provides excellent toughness and chemical resistance along with hydrolytic stability and dimensional stability.

Along with Acudel modified PPSU, Solvay offers a broad range of high-performance plastics for water handling systems, with a large number of products for fittings, including Udel PSU, Radel PPSU, and Solef PVDF, as well as Polidan PEX for pipes.

Link-Tech will manufacture the PolyBrass ball valve in China and conduct sales through its U.S. office in Chicago.

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