Light innovative closures by Bericap

Light innovative closures…
Bericap, a global manufacturer, will be presenting its tried and tested closure systems and new product features at the Brau Beviale 2012.

There is a still unrelenting level of interest in the topic of ‘Lightweight’ closures. In addition to cost savings through lighter closures, this also addresses the null sparing use of “Non-renewable resources” and the reduction of the greenhouse gas effect. Bericap has already been able to convert a large portion of its different beverage closures into lighter weight versions that fit the respective bottlenecks. The resulting saving of granulate permits an annual reduction in CO2 production of some 60,000 tonnes.

Bericap has developed 33mm closures for hit fillings which are available in versions, flat screw closure and 'PushPull sport closure’ which completely does without an aluminum sealing foil. Dispensing with the sealing foil on the PushPull closure offers the consumer the advantage that the bottle can be opened without difficulty by simply removing the upper protective cap and the upper part of the closure. Both versions of the closure have the well-known Bericap DoubleSeal system which guarantees absolute leak proof nature and stabilizes the bottleneck through an inner and outer sealing lip during the hot filling process. Through the stabilisation the bending of the bottleneck will be prevented even though the neck wall thickness is just 1.5 mm and the product integrity will be reliably preserved. The DoubleSeal 33mm is equipped with a cut and folded safety strip that opens the first time the bottle is opened. The filler’s demands for a cost-saving, lighter packaging are fulfilled with the 33mm closure: The bottleneck and closure can be up to 39% lighter than the 38mm closure system.

DoubleSeal 33 mm – offers material and cost savings. As part of the cost saving and CO2 minimisation process being striven for a 33mm closure was developed by Bericap. Fillers, who switch from the 38 mm closure size to the 33 mm size, profit from lower costs due to a weight saving of approx. 30%. Bottles with the new 33mm closure differ in terms of their appearance from the conventional beverage products with large closures and thus contribute towards a marked visual product differentiation and set the products apart in the shop shelves. Compared to the 38mm bottle used to date, the consumer enjoys a more pleasant drinking experience due to the narrower bottleneck.
The 33mm closure that is based on the Bericap DoubleSeal has a folded and cut safety strip that breaks the first time the bottle is opened. It can also be used on all conventional aseptic systems with dry or wet sterilisation.

Sports Caps for hot and cold aseptic fillings

Sport closures are best suited for consumption when on the move, when travelling or when doing sport; always on those occasions where the consumer wants to open and close their drinking bottle rapidly and simply. The Bericaps PUSH PULL Next Generation meets this requirement. This closure does not require an aluminium foil as a seal, is easy to open and meets all the requirements of a modern, environmentally-friendly and customer-friendly packaging.
Thanks to its user-friendly functionality: The consumer can enjoy a drink immediately after removing the protective gap, and by virtue of its flow rate that is approx. 30 % higher than that of conventional products this sports cap has achieved increasing acceptance in the market and on the part of consumers since its launch in 2010.

The 3 part PUSH PUSH PULL Next Generation is equipped with DoubleSeal - technology that has also been successfully used for other Bericap closures in the beverage industry. The 38mm closure has been used for aspetic fillings up to now and is appropriate for wet and dry sterilisation processes. The successful qualification of the 33mm PushPull Next Generation for the hot filling process by a multinational beverage filler in Latin America is a new feature. This is a further innovative step due to the complete dispensing with an aluminium foil seal.

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