Leading companies at Pira Packaging Summit 2014

Leading companies at  Pira…
Over the last five years, the economic downturn and declining consumption in many key developed countries have led the global packaging and packaging materials sectors to be increasingly driven by cost cutting, resource saving considerations and efficiency improvements. As these overbearing market dynamics have been gradually reducing their grip, the packaging sector is now confronted with a new set of complex market drivers set to catalyse a new world order of packaging, and a wealth of new opportunities.

Smithers Pira's flagship packaging event, the Pira Packaging Summit, will fully explore the meaning of this emerging new order in the 2014 conference agenda. The different sessions running throughout the conference include: Consumers demanding more for less, Internet of things - how will packaging function (attract, communicate, add brand value), Broadening scope of price comparison sites, Material consumption, cost innovation, innovation in luxury and economy - what happens to middle ground?

Featuring presentations by experts from Kingfisher Plc, SABMiller, NVC Packaging Centre, LINPAC Packaging Limited, Marks & Spencer, Global Print Strategies and more; these forward-thinking speakers will delve into the new and evolving industry drivers related to the new world of packaging, changing global consumer behaviours, the digital world, market innovations and enabling technologies that have emerged within the packaging sector since the recession.

This year's conference is taking place from 11-12 November at 230 Bishopsgate, London, and precedes the UK Packaging Awards, the biggest and most prestigious awards ceremony for the packaging sector.

For firms to position their business to take advantage of this growth potential and to innovate effectively, it is imperative to understand how this wide range of drivers will co-relate to create the packaging market of the future and how the industry can work together to meet the demands of its customers.

The Pira Packaging Summit has firmly established itself since 2010 as a leadership forum and for 2014 will address these key strategic challenges and long term strategies for success. Alongside extensive networking opportunities with over 170 senior decision-makers from throughout the packaging industry in attendance, exceeding the delegate turnout from its previous year, London is the place to be this November in the packaging calendar.

More information can be found on the Pira Packaging Summit website.