Krahn Chemie Distributes Silanes from SiSiB Silicones in Europe

Krahn Chemie Distributes Silanes…
KRAHN CHEMIE and Nanjing SiSiB Silicones Co. Ltd. have concluded into a sales and distribution agreement for organofunctional silanes in Europe.

Silanes because of their chemical structure allow bonding with both inorganic and organic molecules. Silanes are used as adhesion promoters, coupling agents or drying agents in a wide range of applications, which include adhesives, sealants, artificial marble, thermosetting plastics, paints, coatings, foundry resins, functionalized fillers, glass fiber and fabrics, plastic compounds for cables and pipes, and rubber compounds.

Besides standard commercial silanes, for example amino, epoxy, oximino, and vinyl silanes, the extensive portfolio of SiSiB@ silanes additionally comprises multi-functional, oligomeric silanes. Moreover, an additional service offers custom-tailored mixtures and product adaptations.

- We are delighted about this new cooperation. With the silanes of SiSiB we offer an attractive alternative for our customers in Europe. The quality and the product scope are convincing - says Thorben Liebrecht, Business Segment Manager Plastics, Adhesives and Sealants at KRAHN CHEMIE.

With over 20 years' experience in silicones, SiSiB Silicones, a part of PCC group, offers a complete range of silicone products in the areas of organofunctional silanes, silicone fluids, silicone rubbers, silicone resins and fumed silica.

KRAHN CHEMIE, which has a history spanning over 100 years, is part of the Otto Krahn group of companies based in Hamburg, Germany. The core business of KRAHN CHEMIE is the distribution and marketing of chemical raw materials and specialty chemicals. As a distribution company, KRAHN CHEMIE represents a number of prestigious, globally operating raw material producers in Europe. KRAHN CHEMIE offers its more than 5,000 customers an extensive and high-quality product range, technical service, inhouse laboratory capabilities as well as sophisticated logistics solutions. The headquarters of KRAHN CHEMIE GmbH is in Hamburg, Germany. The subsidiaries KRAHN CHEMIE Benelux in the Netherlands, Pietro Carini in Italy, as well as KRAHN CHEMIE Polska in Poland are also part of the group. In 2015, the KRAHN CHEMIE group achieved a turnover of about 200 million euros and currently employs a staff of 160. KRAHN CHEMIE supplies products to the following user industries: paints and coatings, construction chemicals, adhesives and sealants, technical ceramics, plastics, rubber and lubricants.