K 2016: Making Polypropylene Clearer, Better, Faster. Together

K 2016: Making Polypropylene… Milliken invites polypropylene (PP) producers, compounders and converters attending K 2016 to join with it to enable future innovation across the plastics industry by "Making polypropylene clearer, better, faster. Together".

At Booth A27/Hall 6, Milliken will give center stage to the advantages of using its technology leading clarifiers and nucleators to improve PP, demonstrating the range of solutions available to suit specific individual or application requirements. Milliken's clarifiers and nucleators embrace the key sustainability and performance related challenges affecting today's plastics processing industry. For example, the move toward lightweight applications with high-performance features, functional solutions, energy-efficiency and process optimization.

At K 2016, visitors will be able to explore application examples and case studies featuring the benefits of its Millad NX 8000 and Hyperform HPN nucleators under the three core themes - Making PP Clearer; Making PP Better; Making PP Faster.

Milliken will demonstrate the ability of Millad NX 8000 to make PP UltraClear allowing for material replacement in a wide range of processes, highlighting additional advantages of lower processing temperatures and therefore faster and more sustainable processing in injection molding. Milliken will also showcase examples of how to reinforce the faster, trouble-free production and improved end-product performance, which is made possible by Hyperform HPN nucleators' excellent balance of physical properties. Both Millad NX 8000 and Hyperform HPN perform effectively in high melt flow PP grades, responding to the increasing industry demands for developing high melt flow rate (MFR) PP grades for faster production.

Allen Jacoby, Vice President Plastics Additives, Milliken, comments: "Milliken is the technology leader in clarifiers and nucleators for polypropylene. We also offer technical support with a global footprint. This provides producers, compounders and converters with viable opportunities to make innovative, reliable PP improvements that will benefit their customers and the various market segments where PP can add real value. By working together we can support future innovation across the plastics industry."

In addition to supporting PP innovation, Milliken will also present its wide range of additives designed to advance the features and performance of materials such as PET, PE and PU. These additives seek to address some of the key challenges and trends in the plastics industry including new solutions to meet evolving electrostatic discharge standards, reactive colorants, antioxidant and antimicrobial additives, UV absorbers for PET, and nucleators to enhance the performance and processing of PE films, injection molded parts and extruded applications.

For more information on Milliken's K 2016 focus, visit the Milliken Booth in Hall 6 A27, from October 19-26, 2016, Messe Düsseldorf. Milliken's products can also be seen in action on the K booths of several machinery manufacturers throughout the tradeshow.


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