Innovative film technologies for flexible packaging

Innovative film technologies…
Exxonmobil Chemical introduces innovative film technologies for flexible packaging.

ExxonMobil Chemical will introduce several new film technologies for a range of flexible packaging and labeling applications. These include Metallyte 70MET-HB2 OPP film with enhanced barrier properties, Bicor 18MAT-S OPP film which can reduce package weight, OPPalyte 42WOS-RH film that improves operations in frozen novelty food packaging, and Label-Lyte 50TD200 shrink sleeve film which facilitates flotation separation of labels from bottles in support of PET bottle recycling.

“We have always been committed to delivering innovative technology solutions to meet customer needs in flexible packaging and labeling. With four new film products being launched in addition to the four for labeling that we introduced at LabelExpo Americas in September, this is a particularly dynamic and exciting time,” said Laurie Cardillo, global marketing manager, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Films Business. “These new products are pushing forward the boundaries of what can be achieved in flexible packaging and labeling, helping our customers to grow their businesses.”

Metallyte 70MET-HB2 is a vacuum-metallized, high barrier oriented polypropylene (OPP) film that provides an excellent barrier to oxygen, moisture and light. The film provides a 60 percent reduction in oxygen transmission rate and 65 percent reduction in water vapor transmission rate compared to typical materials currently being used. This enhanced barrier performance is well-suited to VFFS and HFFS snack and bakery packaging applications.

Bicor 18MAT-S is a one-side matte finish, one-side treated, heat-sealable OPP film that can deliver package weight savings. Designed for use as the outer web of a lamination, the heat sealability of Bicor 18 MAT-S film allows lap sealing of the matte finish layer to multiple coextrusion sealant webs. This enables a finished package weight reduction of up to 5 percent when compared to fin seals. The film provides a paper-like, satin appearance for differentiated packaging when reverse printed and excellent machinability in VFFS and HFFS snack and confectionery applications.

OPPalyte 42 WOS-RH film can improve operations and reduce total cost of use compared to other films and paper currently being used for frozen novelty food packaging. It enables glossy, eye-catching package designs that attract consumers including impulse purchasers of on-the-go-treats.

The film is engineered with proprietary surface technology for robust machine performance in the highly variable relative humidity (RH) conditions encountered in frozen novelty foods manufacturing facilities. As a result, OPPalyte 42 WOS-RH film can improve line efficiency, increase output, and reduce downtime and product waste.

Label-Lyte 50TD200 shrink sleeve film has been designed with low density to facilitate flotation separation of the label from bottles in support of PET bottle-to-bottle recycling (where available).

Excellent on-bottle shrinkage of up to 50 percent allows creative, full-package decoration of complex containers such as contoured plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, aerosols, and curved glass for brand differentiation. Offering a lower density (0.9 g/cc) than commonly used TD shrink materials, this 50 micron polyolefin film also can provide yield advantages.