Innovations from chemistry for vehicles of tomorrow

Coatings solutions from BASF combine aesthetics with design. The clearcoat innovation iGloss® by BASF sets new standards in long-term scratch resistance. It significantly reduces the emergence of micro-scratches, as they can arise in the car wash for example.

With the help of the Integrated Process II, the entire primer area can be saved and the painting process can be shortened accordingly. The primer’s functions are taken over by a new basecoat system. By this, emissions as well as the energy consumption can be reduced significantly.

In the repair paint area, BASF has a novelty to offer: Glasurit RATIO Scan II is a portable system that measures the color accurately and therefore quickly and easily leads to the desired repair solution.

BASF’s fuel additives help to keep engines clean and protect the entire fuel system. The portfolio comprises gasoline and diesel performance packages for effective engine cleanliness, improved fuel economy, corresponding lower emissions and a better driving experience. Emgard® synthetic lubricants provide better fuel efficiency by significantly reducing friction and wear, and thus allow for extended maintenance intervals.

The vehicles of the future will have to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than today. BASF is leading in the development and commercialization of emission catalysts. The company collaborates with its customers to develop cost-effective solutions to meet the toughest emissions control challenges. One example of this is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) on filter. It controls NOx (nitrogen oxides) and PM (particulate matter or soot) emissions from diesel engines, on one single substrate. This technology has superior durability and maintains performance while saving systems space and weight.

In automotive chassis applications, polyurethane Cellasto® components are used as spring aids, top mounts and coil spring isolators to reduce noise, vibration and harshness to enhance driving comfort. BASF’s polyurethane components are to be found in every second car manufactured in the world.


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