Hot-Fill and aseptic filling with original pulp

Hot-Fill and aseptic filling with original pulp
Sidel will launch its new solutions for the production of beverages with pulps or particles in PET containers.

Based on the proven Veloce ISD and Sensofill FMa technologies, the new fillers are suited for hot-fill and aseptic production of these increasingly popular beverages.

Premium products require premium technologies. Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier and more natural drinks. Beverages produced with original fruit pulps and particles are on the rise. To meet the rising demands for these popular beverages, Sidel has enlarged its portfolio to include technologies for both hot-fill and aseptic bottling of products with particles or pulps, such as flavored waters with fruit pieces, aloe vera or coconut-based drinks, pulpy juices and Chinese speciality drinks in PET containers.

The filling process for these highly sensitive products is a lot more complex than that of traditional juices. The product requirements and standards differ from one country to the next. The dimension of the pulps and particles is not the only challenge to be met: Filling quality and accuracy, particles distribution and physical integrity of the particles need to be taken into account. To respect these requirements, Sidel has developed two technologies for hot-fill and aseptic filling, respectively.

The Veloce ISD is suited for hot-fill production, while Sensofill FMa fillers are used for aseptic particle filling. The new Veloce ISD filler can dose particles up to 10x10x10 millimeters in size. The in-line filler works on a double-stage filling basis: First, a certain amount of particles is dosed in a “pumpable” slurry, followed by the filling of the bottle with liquid juice. The Sensofill FMa filler, in constrast, is based on the proven aseptic Predis™ technology and uses dry preforms decontamination, thus eliminating the use of water and the creation of effluents.

Both technologies are able to dose particle concentration from 10 to 200 milliliters, depending on the recipe and the bottle size, which can range from 200 milliliters to two liters. The accurate dosage of the fillers ensures a steady and exact particle quantity in the final beverage, while minimizing waste of raw material. The physical integrity of the particles is maintained and the concentration of particles in the liquid meets product specifications. The flow cutoff is very precise and does not cause any dripping or product waste. Contactless valves improve hygienic filling.

Both particle filling technologies are available as stand-alone fillers and in the Combi configuration. The Combi Veloce ISD is the perfect combined technology for hot-filling requirements. When it comes to aseptic filling, the Combi Predis/Capdis FMa, an integreated blow-fill-cap solution operating with dry preforms and caps decontamination, is the technology of choice.


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