Historic deal has positive effects for Scanfill AB and Ystad

Historic deal has positive…

Scanfill AB in Ystad presents a new business venture that is expected to increase sales by 2 million euros, create new jobs and open up a whole new market. 

It feels extremely exciting to be able to present news that has such a positive impact on our company, our group and our region, explains Oscar Hugoson, vice president of Scanfill.

Scanfill AB from Ystad in southern Sweden, has acquired the assets of JiHå Plast AB, a family-owned company based in Karlskoga, central Sweden. This is an historic acquisition for Scanfill AB and the Polykemi Group.

This is the first time within the Polykemi Group history that we acquire a company to integrate into the business. This is very important for Scanfill and also for the Group, says Oscar Hugoson, vice president for Scanfill AB.

The deal is expected to have several positive effects, even for the region. Among other things will three machines for foil production be located in Ystad during the autumn 2020. In addition, 

Scanfill AB will take over a large number of national and international customers. As a result, the company will increase the number of employees at the factory in Ystad. 

Thanks to the acquisition of JiHå Plast AB, we are expanding our portfolio of high-quality plastic foils. This makes us one of the few producers that can produce virtually all packaging plastics available on the market, explains Oscar Hugoson. 

We will have a broader base as a supplier and can customize the products to any purpose. This makes us an extremely competitive supplier in the entire European market. 

Increased sales and new jobs for Scanfill AB in Ystad

Scanfill AB was founded in 2008 and is a part of the Polykemi Group. The Group also includes the parent company Polykemi AB, the company Rondo Plast AB based in Ystad, Polykemi Compounds Kunshan in China and Polykemi Inc in the USA. The new deal means that Scanfill AB is expected to increase sales by approximately 2 million euros per year. The company expects the machines to be operating at full capacity from mid-October 2020. 

We are very excited and proud of this deal. We will produce materials of the same high quality that we are used to deliver from our factory here in Ystad. We are looking forward to the future with confidence, says Scanfill's VP Oscar Hugoson.

Also, Nikola Perkovic, Managing Director of JiHå Plast AB, sees positive effects of the deal.

I have the utmost respect for the new owners, he says.

Scanfill AB and Polykemi Group have a genuine interest in our products and have what is needed to continue to develop high quality customized products.

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