High-temperature sliding materials from Roechling

High-temperature sliding materials…
SUSTAPEEK GLD 140 can be used long term with temperatures up to 250°C and it has good mechanical properties as well as very high wear resistance. This material is also available in Food Grade and thus, suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. The material has applications in the food processing industry, for instance, as a scraper or slide rail.

SUSTATRON PPS MOD is an economical alternative to PEEK based sliding materials and is suitable for use in areas in which the use of polyamide is not possible. SUSTATRON PPS MOD even exhibits good mechanical properties at high temperatures up to 220°C and it has a low degree of wear as well as extremely low moisture absorption. This material is used, for instance, in highly stressed drive gears in machine construction or in bearing bushes in conveyor systems with a degree of wear.

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