Global polystyrene licensing alliance between Total Petrochemicals and Shaw Energy & Chemicals Group

Global polystyrene licensing alliance  between Total Petrochemicals and Shaw Energy & Chemicals Group
Total Petrochemicals announces that it has formed an exclusive alliance with Shaw’s Energy & Chemicals Group to jointly market and license Total Petrochemicals’ polystyrene technology on a worldwide basis.

The alliance is based on a licensing cooperation agreement recently signed by the two companies.

Total Petrochemicals is a major worldwide producer of polystyrene with global production facilities in Europe, Far East and Pacific Rim and United States. It has a worldwide production capacity of 1,580 kTA including the largest single production unit in the world (230 kTA) in Carville, Louisiana.

Total Petrochemicals polystyrene proprietary technology has been used in the design of more than 45 polystyrene production units located on 25 sites in 20 countries throughout the world for a global capacity of 2,500 kTA.

Polystyrene, a standard plastic indispensable to daily life in today’s world, is principally used in packaging, domestic appliances and electronics. The Total Petrochemicals polystyrene technology produces both general purpose polystyrene, which is a rigid and transparent material used in applications such as rigid packaging, industrial sheets and insulation, and high impact polystyrene, which is generally a tough colored plastic used, for example, for dairy packaging, electronics and refrigeration applications.

With more than 45 years of polystyrene manufacturing, licensing and research and development experience, Total Petrochemicals will provide the market with a state of the art technology to produce superior performance polymers well suited for a wide range of applications.

With this new polystyrene licensing alliance, Total Petrochemicals and Shaw will complement their existing licensing alliance for styrene monomer, the primary feedstock for polystyrene, offering unique synergistic opportunities. Styrene monomer technology is currently marketed through Badger Licensing LLC, based in Cambridge, Mass., a joint venture between affiliates of Shaw and ExxonMobil Chemical Company.



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