German Feddersen Group companies successfully certified

German Feddersen Group companies…

The Feddersen Group companies Plastic GmbH and its branches AF-Color and Bio-Fed as well as PolyComp GmbH have been certified for ISCC Plus and REDcert². As part of the certification of Plastic GmbH and its branches, the REDcert² certification was also extended to K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG. Corresponding certifications are in preparation for other companies in the group.

ISCC Plus and REDcert² are sustainability certification systems for bio-based and recycled materials in the chemical industry (e.g. based on sugar cane, vegetable oil and fat waste or recycled material). "By using sustainable material flows, we are thus making a contribution to saving fossil resources or promoting the bio- and circular economy. At the same time, through the ISCC Plus and REDcert² certifications, we are aligning ourselves further towards sustainability and offering our customers an even wider range of more environmentally friendly products," says Sandra Brück, specialist for life cycle assessment and sustainability at Plastic, who accompanied this certification process.

The certification ensures the traceability of the sustainable material flow along the entire value chain. Since the value creation process of products in the chemical industry is often very complex, the mass balance approach is used for this purpose. Here, certified products are manufactured using sustainable resources to replace an equivalent amount of fossil resources in the production process.


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