FCS achieved a great success at K 2022

Adopting MuCell technology: TK x FCS conducts a crossover development of Gentrex

FCS and TienKang, the leader of footwear equipment, joined hands once again after TaipeiPlas to promote “Gentrex midsole physical foaming technology”, echoing Trexel in Hall 12. It further recommended footwear brand customers and potential customers to the FCS booth for in-depth negotiation. Almost all European brand owners visited the booth, and the number of effective visitors and popularity far exceeded expectations.

Facing the wave of net zero carbon reduction, FCS is committed to improving the efficiency of energy utilization from the manufacturing process and transferring the traditional impression of the industry with sustainable development. FCS demonstrates the diversified appearances of plastic rubber in the shoe midsole produced with the microcellular foaming technology for the injection molding industry.

FCS, together with TienKang, launched the GENTREX zone for shoes with net zero carbon emission, arousing great interest.

In addition to participating in K, FCS also sent the R & D team to visit and study, and obtained important conclusions in the field of injection molding:

  • In terms of circular economy, compared with the focus on the application of recyclable materials in 2019, it now focuses on how to stabilize feeding, remove impurities and effectively manage energy consumption in combination with digitalization.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, the energy efficiency of the machine itself can no longer meet the market demand. It has become a trend for energy saving and carbon reduction in the field by optimizing the machine itself and peripheral equipment with the assistance of software and adopting the management mode of digital systems.
  • In terms of digitalization, digitalization has progressed to design, mold test assistance, adaptation to mass production, and equipment services. The injection molding machines’ adaptive control technologies, such as IQ Weight, APC +, and HiQ Flow, all support the issues of circular economy and energy efficiency.
FCS was invited to attend the press conference held by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, and the German media interacted enthusiastically.

The successful exhibition of FCS is attributed to the support from all external public associations and partners in addition to the cooperation of our internal production, marketing, and research teams. For example, Taiwan External Trade Development Council held a wonderful press conference in Hall 12, which brought many domestic and overseas media and therefore provided a stage for Taiwan exhibitors to quickly present their new products. FCS managed to take the opportunity to exhibit the latest intelligent machine - All‐Electric Two‐Component Injection Molding Machine CT-R series. Its multi-component and two-component application technology aroused high interest and advanced communication among the media.

With the affirmation and encouragement of countless customers and partners, FCS will continue to build a European marketing service network. We look forward to seeing you again on K 2025!