FCS achieved a great success at K 2022

FCS achieved a great success…

The triennial exhibition of K was held in 2022, right on the occasion of FCS’ 70th anniversary. It continues to be the most international, complete, and innovative trade fair in the global plastics and rubber industry. K 2022, an eight-day physical exhibition, attracted 3,037 exhibitors and 176,000 visitors from more than 157 countries. At over 70% the proportion of international guests at K 2022 remained at a constantly high level. For around two-thirds of the visitors polled machinery and plant construction ranked first in terms of interest. 57% and, hence 5% more than at K 2019, said they were interested in raw and auxiliary materials, with recyclates and bioplastics being particularly popular. For 28% semi-finished products and technical parts made of plastics and rubber were the main reason for coming (multiple responses possible). Over 70% of all visitors come from the top and middle management.

During the eight trade fair days, it became clear that this year’s K was right on target with its selection of hot topics, circular economy, climate protection, and digitalization. In terms of investment intentions, machinery and equipment for processing and recycling stood out at 43%. The focus was particularly on sustainability, but also on circular economy and energy/resource efficiency in production. FCS exhibited the “Servo Energy-Saving 2K Injection Molding Machine (FB-280R)” and the green footwear material of Gentrex cooperating with TienKang on-site. The former machine emphas the system integration concept of combining green energy technology and high customization, while the latter develops the thermoplastic elastic shoe midsole through MuCell physical foaming technology, conveying that FCS is committed to innovation-driven and sustainable development in both material application and processing.

FCS booth pomp at K 2022

During the exhibition, FCS attracted nearly 250 customers to visit. Despite the lifting of lockdown due to the epidemic, the number of visitors has not recovered, but both the number of effective visitors and exhibition benefits were better than before. During the exhibition, products of about NTD 92 million have been enquired at the FCS booth, and the orders placed on-site reached NTD 30 million. The on-site exhibition machine FB-280R (including periphery and mold) was sold to a new customer from Turkey on the spot!

The on-site FB-280R was sold to a Turkish customer.

Energy-Saving Multi-Component Molding System: FB-R Series

FCS presented the servo power-saving two-component injection molding machine: FB-280R, and with the precision mold of two-color (also two-component) airtight food storage containers, to display the high precision, high speed, and high stability molding technology.

FB-R series have always been favored by customers all over the world. The fact that our new Turkish customer bought a complete set of the machine on the spot is enough to justify that the FB-R series is an advantage model of FCS. The system features:

  • Rotary table controlled by a servo motor for a shortened rotary time of more than 50% with a more stable rotary speed switch and more precise positioning.
  • Adopts a high efficiency double servo power system which has a first-grade certification for national power saving standards (≦0.40kw h/kg).
  • Has an accurate rotary positioning clamper, to protect the mold.
  • It has the design of two sets of core equipment on the rotary table and also consists of a cooling system in the molds.
  • With a maximum clamping force of 1,900 tons, this machine has been widely applied to cell phone keyboards, tool handles, pen-making, car lamps, and household appliances.
The FB-R series’ precision molding technology combined with different materials attracted the attention of visitors.